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Villa Håkansson – Tegman

Originally a summer oasis, over time the tidy rows of summer cottages in the town of Höllviken in the south of Malmö have evolved into a rural sprawl. This plot was a somewhat awkward corner lot with roads to the north and the west.

The clients, a middle-aged couple with an empty nest, wanted a contemporary, nature-oriented one-storey home, during the planning of which the spatial experience has been the most important parameter.

Based on a traditional Danish atrium house, the L-shaped structure partially wraps around an inner garden. There are three small bedrooms in the house’s northern end, while the western wing contains a sequence of rooms: kitchen, dining room, library, living room and winter garden. Contact with nature, light and vegetation are paramount throughout the house.

Sightlines and strategically placed windows link the inside and the outside, as well as creating frames for the views. In late afternoon and early evening, the courtyard is in the shadow of the western part of the building. Combined with a range of openings in the wall, a stepping down of the eastern façade welcomes this light into the building. And, as a bonus, the perfect supper location is created in the easternmost corner of the courtyard.

The house’s exterior consists of a cavity wall with an exterior of light Danish brick. The load-bearing structure is a steel-reinforced timber frame. Doors and windows throughout the building are high-quality aluminium frames from Schüco. Exterior doors and the garage gate are constructed from smoked oak wood.

Site: Tremansvägen 15, Höllviken, Sweden

Client: The Håkansson-Tegman family

Construction: 2008-2009

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate Architect: Mattias Andréasson, BAARK

Structural Engineer: Laine Montelin, Tyréns

Photography: Kasper Dudzik (

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