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Refined yet generous, Johan Sundberg arkitketur’s extension to a 1920’s villa in Lund’s residential quarter brings new life to both the house and its apple orchard. With copious natural light and a palette of natural stone and birch plywood, the extension introduces a character of warm airiness.

- This is the classic question: how do we add something new to something old? says Johan Sundberg. We chose a low building form which, in terms of volume, colour and material, is subordinate to the older house, while maintaining its unique character as a new addition.

The carefully detailed, fine-grained facade sits comfortably amongst the apple orchard's lush vegetation. The sedum-topped pulpit roof of anthracite patinated zinc slopes gently towards the stone terrace and closes off the building towards the neighbouring plot. High-set windows capture the light of the open sky while maintaining privacy. Enveloping the circulation space between the house’s different levels, the tall, bright entrance hall significantly improves vertical circulation while creating a new living space. 

- The extension is a clear addition with its own language which doesn’t try to imitate the old house, explains project architect Max Germundsson. The materiality of our bespoke vertical paneling in untreated larch reinforces the proximity to the garden and helps to reduce the overall scale.

With its discrete dimensions and horizontality, the extension remains distinct from the existing villa while integrating the grain and scale of the surrounding apple orchard.

Location: Lund (Sweden)

Construction year: 2020

Client: Private

Chief architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate architect: Max Germundsson

Project architects: Daniel Gerse

Photos: Markus Linderoth

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Johan Sundberg Arkitektur
Lund, Sweden
+46 (0)46 15 21 21