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StickerApp's headquarters and production facility illustrates the role of architecture and design in creating a workplace which is equally inviting and functional. Located in Lomma, Sweden, the building's undulating facade creates new urban spaces, while the warm, natural materials of its airy interior maintain a cohesive aesthetic and pleasant atmosphere.

Clad in pine plywood, the interior walls are carefully detailed with minimal joints to achieve a graphically precise expression. Complemented by light terrazzo flooring, suspended Troldtekt ceiling tiles and glass partitions with slender frames, the material palette exudes a sense of openness and allows natural light to flow throughout the space.

As the centerpiece of the building, the production hall embraces its industrial aesthetic with exposed steel beams and ventilation pipes. The raw finish and scale of this space is counterbalanced by the overall material palette and other personal touches, such as the large artwork in the conference room which cantilevers over the double-height space.

The social hub of the building is to be found in the cafeteria and dining room, where employees gather to eat and relax. Equipped with a professional kitchen, the cafeteria may well open to the public in the future.

Draped around the building’s perimeter like a dress, an undulating canopy gives the exterior a benevolent, sensual character and provides shelter from rain and direct sunlight. The canopy also emphasizes the building's public character, accommodating the comings and goings of employees and visitors.

Through relatively simple and economical means, architectural expression adds value far beyond the ordinary, lifting StickerApp’s headquarters above a simple production facility based on strict technical requirements to a welcoming and well integrated workplace.

Location: Lomma (Sweden)

Construction year: 2020-2021

Client: PRNT Printing Solutions AB

Chief architect: Johan Sundberg, Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

Project architects: Henrik Ålund, Studio Ålund AB

Structural engineer: Byggsystem Bjärno AB

Contractor: Byggsystem Bjärno AB

Builder: Byggsystem Bjärno AB

Photos: Markus Linderoth

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