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Sommarhus T

In the north eastern part of Ljunghusen, next to the Falsterbo channel, the forest is lower and slightly more sparse. The ground consists only of sand. In this scene, we have placed this summer house for a family of four.

The house consists of three volumes with a common, gently sloping hip roof with generous eaves in all directions. The framework of the house is made out of wood, also containing a few steel components. The material palette thoroughly consists of wood, with natural larch and dark stained fir externally.

The starting-point has been to create a generous house in close contact with nature in all directions, with grand spaces inside but giving a humble impression from the outside. The roof eaves provide shade and creates a low visual expression with extended horizontal lines.

Location: Ljunghusen

Construction year: 2018

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate Architects: Itziar del Río Gómiz, Henrik Ålund

Structural Engineer: Gustav Svensson (SG Svensson AB)

Contractor: Niklas Samberg (Niklas Samberg AB)

Builders: Niklas Samberg, Magnus Olofsson

Photography: Markus Linderoth (

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