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Sommarhus Solviken

Summerhouse Solviken takes the form of a graceful pavilion half-hidden by deciduous trees on a steep slope. The seemingly light tree house rests on rows of extremely thin steel columns which give the impression that the house is almost floating in the foliage.

Johan Sundberg arkitektur has, on an almost impossible site, succeeded in creating a building that both blends in and makes an impression on Mölle, a sprawling summer retreat. “You see straight out into nature from the bedroom,” explains Johan Sundberg. “You greet the squirrel every day as if he were another family member, you hear and see the birds in the crowns of the trees and you feel safe among the beautiful foliage and the grey-black stone. Summerhouse Solviken is a treehouse, sheltered from the weather and wind with a generous view to the south.”

By contrast, the rectangular floor plan is anything but natural romanticism. It places bedrooms, bathrooms and the laundry towards the north, while the more public side containing the kitchen and living room faces the terrace and the view. In the absence of corridors, the various parts of the house interact directly with each other. Through a number of strategic shifts, the seemingly simple plan offers several small private corners to relax in, while the design shows an interesting complexity. Attention to detail in the custom-designed interior, predominantly in oak, contributes to an ease that is enhanced by ten meters of openable glass partitions to the south. “I like to imagine the house as a small chest, a finely carved cabinet in which all details are pieced together into an integrated whole. Our client has also shown an active interest and insight on all aspects of design and execution, which guarantees good results. The green-toned fiber-cement panels on the north facade that provide even more contrast between the outside and inside are, for example, the client's choice.”

Summerhouse Solviken is a successful addition to a virtually built-out Mölle along the coast of the Kulla peninsula. Johan Sundberg arkitektur have convinced the municipality of a project that dares to offer a contemporary imprint without encroaching on neighbouring sites nor interfering with the views of others. It might even be seen as an architectural antidote to an otherwise sprawling Mölle.

Location: Mölle

Living area: 86,5 m²

Completed: 2018

Chief architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate architect: Itziar del Río Gómiz

Structural engineer: Sven-Göran Svensson (SG Svensson AB)

Contractor: Maths Hansson (M H Bygg)

Builder: Maths Hansson and Martin Hermansson

Photographer: Peo Olsson (

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