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Sekelskifteshus på Lidingö

Refurbishment of a turn of the century house designed by Jacob J:son Gate in 1910. One of Lidingö’s “English townhouses”.

Complete project including surveying, demolition and restructuring, technical adjustments to the building, restoration of original detail work, new fixed interior, surfaces and finish.

Site: Hersbyvägen, Lidingö, Sverige

Construction: 2014

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg.

Associate Architect: Henrik Ålund.

Contractor: Sverker Sihlberg, Ebbalund AB.

Interior woodwork: Malmö Kök och Inredningar AB, Andreas Jonsson.

Kitchen: Siematic, Tommy Danefors AB in Malmö.

Photography: Markus Linderoth (

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Johan Sundberg Arkitektur
Lund, Sweden
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