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Villa MSV

MSV lies at the heart of a stately pine forest, beside the white beaches of Ljunghusen. Though it is designed as a home for a couple, the house provides space for friends, children and grandchildren.

Through its form and placement on site, the house demarcates three distinct garden spaces, each with its own character. Towards the east and the morning sun, a patio connects the kitchen and living room. The western façade offers spaces for sitting, socialising and dining.

The southern wing of the house, containing the sauna, bathing and relaxation area, sits in direct connection to a patio and a long narrow pool.

Site: Ljunghusen

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate Architect:  Gudmund Bladh

Contractor: Gustav Svensson (SG Svensson AB)

Builders: Niklas Samberg  Magnus Olofsson (Niklas Samberg AB)

Photography: Markus Linderoth

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Johan Sundberg Arkitektur
Lund, Sweden
+46 (0)46 15 21 21