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Brf Tornfalken is located in the new district of Västra Sjöstaden in Ystad. The site, with a level difference of just over two meters, slopes towards the sea in the south with open arable land extending out to the west.

The project comprises four two-story buildings which house a total of 20 apartments, split evenly between two-room and three-room apartments. Dividing the project into a number of smaller built volumes, as opposed to gathering all the apartments into one volume, entails a number of advantages; this act of separation creates interstices which endow the common courtyard with a variety of entrances and the built volumes with a sympathetic scale. The separate built volumes are also able to exploit the site's varying contours to their advantage.

The buildings share a common material language, with balcony railings and stairs in galvanized steel, metalwork details and windows in lacquered aluminum and facades clad in larch. This material uniformity is augmented through variations in floor plan, window placement and interstitial outdoor spaces. The intention was to create a harmonious whole with a contemporary design language, where care at the level of materiality and detail is clearly manifested.

All apartments are double-sided and maintain strong contact with the outdoor environment. Ground floor apartments have generous patios, while second floor apartments enjoy large balconies, both of which maintain a pleasant temperature year-round thanks to full height glass partitions. The internal courtyard, which is framed by an elongated storage building, offers both common and private spaces for the residents. Towards the street, the site’s level differences are used to separate parking spaces and waste facilities from the private patios.

Location: Ystad (Sweden)

Construction year: 2020-2021

Client: Scanbygg

Chief architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate architects: Max Germundsson, Gudmund Bladh

Project architects: Alex Johansson, Miruna Gusoaia

Structural engineer:  Emma Persson, Lucas Alsén, WSP

Contractor: Serneke

Builder: Simon Björk

Landscape architects: Mareld landskapsarkitekter

Photos: Markus Linderoth

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