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Gatuhus i Lund

The ground floor of this Lund townhouse was designed and decorated with the clients and their furniture maker friend Peder Clase.

The themes were materiality and light, and we worked particularly with certain pieces of furniture that are central for all families: a kitchen table with a sofa and a wall-mounted cabinet in the dining room. The kitchen fixtures are a mixture of Ikea frames and custom-made doors, countertops and fittings.

We strove to achieve a relaxed, contemporary style that harmonised with the old house. The materials chosen focus on the genuine and solid and include massive oak block flooring, mosaic tiles and pine floor planks.

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg

Construction: 2010

Associate Architect: Andreas Amasalidis

Cabinet maker: Peder Clase

Photography: Maja Atterstig

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Johan Sundberg Arkitektur
Lund, Sweden
+46 (0)46 15 21 21