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Sommarhus Gotland

In a forest glade south of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland lies Sommarhus E.

The main building is made up of several volumes that intersect which creates shielded spaces both indoors and outdoors, the guest house is given the same treatment but on a smaller scale.

A outward-facing wall of warm-grey brick treated with burlap bag smoothed plaster is given a sparing amount of windows, while the facades near the residents are clad in vertical narrow profile larch panel combined with large glazed openings.

On the the interior of the house is divided into a social core made up of the living room, kitchen and dining room, a separate domain for the children's bedrooms and a private master suite for the parents.

The surface materials used are chosen to harmonize with the surroundings, limestone from Gotland is used on the floors in the core of the house and on the terraces while a softer wood floor is chosen for the bedrooms. Selected walls and ceilings are clad in oak treated with white pigmented oil while the majority of interior surfaces are painted in natural color tones.

Location: Gotland, Sweden

Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg

Associate Architects: Itziar del Río Gómiz, Staffan Rosvall

Structural Engineer: Gustav Svensson (SG Svensson AB)

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